1.Stone Temple Pilots – Down
2.Stone Temple Pilots – Wicked Garden
3.Alice in Chains – Rotten Apple
4.Hangman's Chair – Dope Sick Love
5.Swallow the Sun – Silhouettes
6.Slayer – Delusions of Saviour
7.Slayer – Repentless
8.Monster Magnet – When the Planes Fall From the Sky (Sitar and Psych Version)
9.Opeth – Moonlapse Vertigo


1.Ozzy Osbourne – My Jerkyll Doesn't Hide
2.Samael – Jupiterian Vibe
3.Samael – Rebellion
4.Mindfield – Public Killa
5.Mindfield – Down
6.Steve von Till – Night of the Moon
7.Paradise Lost – Soul Courageous (Live)
8.Clutch – Sucker for the Witch
9.Clutch – Our Lady of Electric Light
10.Pantera – Cemetery Gates


1.Killing Joke – I Am the Virus
2.Killing Joke – New Jerusalem
3.Anathema – Restless Oblivion
4.Anathema – Wings of God
5.Katatonia – Don't Tell a Soul (live)
6.Edge of Sanity – Blood of My Enemies (Manowar cover)
7.Edge of Sanity – Sacrificed
8.Borknagar – In a Deeper World


1.Mastodon – Halloween
2.High on Fire – The Dark Side of the Compass
3.SerpentCult – New World Order
4.Lacrimosa – Kaleidoskop
5.Myrkur – Onde Břrn
6.Myrkur – Mordet
7.Myrkur – Byssan Lull
8.Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats – Melody Lane
9.Year of the Goat – Black Sunlight
10.Belzebong – Goat Smoking Blues


1.King Crimson – Facts of Life
2.David Sylvian & Robert Fripp – Blinding Light of Heaven
3.David Sylvian – Pulling Punches
4.New Model Army – Too Close to the Sun
5.Death in June – The Calling (MK II)
6.Laibach – How the West Was Won
7.Killing Joke – The Wait
8.Killing Joke – Implant
9.Dead Can Dance – Wild in the Woods
10.New Model Army – Ghosts


1.Type O Negative – Be My Druidess
2.Type O Negative – Blood & Fire
3.Bathory – Vinterblot
4.Orthodox – Marcha de la Santa Sangre
5.Orthodox – Matse Avatar
6.Avatarium – Girl With the Raven Mask
6.With the Dead – I Am Your Virus
7.Voivod – Moonbeam Rider
8.Orthodox – Con Sangre de Quien Te Ofenda


01.Hexvessel – Sacred Marriage
02.Stara Rzeka – Ogniste kazania B.B
03.Spiritual Front – Delation / I Live Through You
04.Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio – Serpent.Dagger.Lion.Man
05.16 Horsepower – Outlaw Song
06.Woven Hand – Sparrow Falls
07.Stara Rzeka – Małe świerki
08.In the Woods… – Epitaph (King Crimson cover)


1.Sunset in the 12th House – Ethereal Consonance
2.Marriages – The Liar
3.Shining – I Won't Forget
4.Kylesa – Shaping the Southern Sky
5.Sunset in the 12th House – Desert's Eschaton
6.Ulver – The Argument, Plate 2
7.Ulver – A Memorable Fancy, Plates 22-24
8.Scott Walker + Sunn o))) – Brando