1.Amorphis – Alone
2.Amorphis – Crimson Wave
3.Amorphis – Drifting Memories
4.Amorphis – Captured State
5.Amorphis – Grieve Stricken Heart
6.Therion – Ginnungagap (The Black Hole) (Prologue)
7.Therion – (Old) Midgård
8.Therion – Cults of the Shadows
9.Therion – In the Desert of Set
10.Rotting Christ – Sanctus Diavolos
11.Rotting Christ – Serve in Heaven
12.Type O Negative – Christian Woman
13.Type O Negative – Black No.1 (Little Miss Scare-All)
14.Type O Negative – Tripping a Blind Man
15.Type O Negative – Halloween in Heaven
16.Type O Negative – My Girlfriend's Girlfriend
17.Tiamat – Brighter Than the Sun
18.Tiamat – Sympathy for the Devil (The Rolling Stones cover)
19.Tiamat – In a Dream
20.Tiamat – The Sleeping Beauty
21.Bloodbath – Grand Morbid Funeral