1.Uluru – Aeternum
2.Dead Witches – Goddess of the Night
3.John Garcia and the Band of Gold – Kentucky II
4.John Garcia and the Band of Gold – Jim's Whiskers
5.REZN – Quantum Being
6.Aver – Feeding the Sun
7.Aver – Hemp Fandango
8.Dirge – Lost Empyrean
9.Cave In – All Illusion
10.Cave In – Winter Window
11.Saint Vitus – Bloodshed
12.Saint Vitus – Wormhole
13.Gold – Please Tell Me You're Not The Future
14.Gold – Lack of Skill
15.Gold – Killing at Least 13
16.A Pale Horse Named Death – Love the Ones You Hate
17.A Pale Horse Named Death – End of Days
18.Yawning Man – Virtual Funeral
19.Yawning Man – Melancholy Sadie
20.Candlemass – Splendor Demon Majesty
21.Candlemass – Death's Wheel