1.Paradise Lost – Christendom
2.Paradise Lost – Fearless Sky
3.Paradise Lost – Our Saviour
4.Paradise Lost – Dead Emotion
5.Paradise Lost – From the Gallows
6.Paradise Lost – Medusa
7.Paradise Lost – Pity the Sadness
8.Paradise Lost – True Belief
9.Paradise Lost – Yearn for Change
10.Paradise Lost – Forever Failure
11.Paradise Lost – Say Just Words
12.Paradise Lost – Behind the Grey
13.Paradise Lost – Gods of Ancient
14.Paradise Lost – Until the Grave
15.Paradise Lost – Over the Madness
16.Paradise Lost – Self-Obsessed
17.Paradise Lost – Last Regret
18.Paradise Lost – Fear of Impending Hell
19.Paradise Lost – Shrines
20.Paradise Lost – Gothic
21.Paradise Lost – Sacrifice the Flame