1.Clutch – The Face
2.Paradise Lost – Mortals Watch The Day
3.Paradise Lost – Your Hand In Mine
4.Samael – Rain
5.Samael – Moonskin
6.Yakuza – Egocide
7.Yakuza – Black Market Liver
8.Old Man Gloom – In Your Name
9.Cave In – In the Stream of Commerce
10.Cave In – Big Riff
11.Mountain Witch – Worship You
12.Mountain Witch – Man Is Wolf To Man
13.Mrs. Piss – Knelt
14.Mrs. Piss – Nobody Wants to Party with Us
15.Mrs. Piss – Mrs. Piss
16.Katatonia – I Break
17.Katatonia – Cold Ways
18.Obituary – Slowly We Rot
19.Obituary – Deadly Intentions
20.Crowbar – Embracing Emptiness
21.Crowbar – A Perpetual Need