1.Planet Of Zeus – The Great Liar
2.Planet Of Zeus – Your Song
3.Grayceon – Diablo Wind
4.Mouth of the Architect – Seven the Soul
5.Mouth of the Architect – Fallen Star
6.Tribulation – In Remembrance
7.Tribulation – Leviathans
8.Tribulation – Daughter of the Djinn
9.Wardruna – Kvitravn
10.Wardruna – Fylgjutal
11.Asphyx – Molten Black Earth
12.Asphyx – Three Years of Famine
13.The Ruins of Beverast – The Tundra Shines
14.The Ruins of Beverast – Anchoress In Furs
15.Giant Squid – Sixty Foot Waves
16.Giant Squid – Mycenaeans