1.Greenleaf – Let it Out!
2.Greenleaf – A Point of a Secret
3.Greenleaf – In the Caverns Below
4.Alunah – Awn
5.Dax Riggs – Say Goodnight To The World
6.Dax Riggs – Let Met Be Your Cigarette
7.Lonker See – Solaris Pt. 3&4
8.Wardruna – Voluspá (Skaldic Version)
9.Wardruna – Vindavla
10.In the Woods… – Empty Streets
11.In the Woods… – Respect My Solitude
12.Shining – My Church
13.Shining – When the Lights Go Out
14.Pale Divine – Spinning Wheel
15.Pale Divine – Shades of Blue
16.Shining – Fisheye (live)
17.Shining – Goretex Weather Report (live)