1.A Pale Horse Named Death – Fell in My Love
2.A Pale Horse Named Death – One (Three Dog Night Cover)
3.A Pale Horse Named Death – Prayers for Rain (The Cure Cover)
4.Life of Agony – Black Heart
5.Life of Agony – Once Below
6.Life of Agony – I Surrender
7.Paradise Lost – I Remain
8.Paradise Lost – Cardinal Zero
9.Strigoi – Phantoms
10.Vallenfyre – The Merciless Tide
11.Bokassa – Vultures
12.Bokassa – Wrath is Love
13.Alunah – Hunt
14.Alunah – Velvet
15.We Lost the Sea – Parting Ways
16.We Lost the Sea – Mother's Hymn
17.Coffins – Insane
18.Coffins – Birth Postmortem
19.Life of Agony – Through nad Through
20.Life of Agony – Bad Seed