1.Alkaloid – Kernel Panic
2.Alkaloid – Azagthoth
3.Alkaloid – Interstellar Boredom
4.Necros Christos – Temple I : The Enlightened Will Shine Like The Zohar Of The Sky
5.Necros Christos – I Am Christ
6.Necros Christos – Temple VI : The Weight Of Gold That Came To Solomon In One Year Was 666 Talents Of Gold
7.Necros Christos – The Heart Of King Solomon In Sorcery
8.Dimmu Borgir – Council of Wolves and Snakes
9.Dimmu Borgir – Archaic Correspondence
10.Insect Ark – Arp 9
11.Insect Ark – Skin Walker
12.Heaven & Hell – Rock and Roll Angel
13.Heaven & Hell – Eating the Cannibals
14.Heaven & Hell – Follow the Tears
15.Amorphis – Pyres on the Coast
16.Wilt – A Summons Has Come
17.Necros Christos – Temple VIII : Mount Sinai Was All In Smoke, For YHVH Had Descended Upon It In Fire
18.Necros Christos – Exodos