1.Soundgarden – Holy Water
2.Soundgarden – A Thousand Days Before
3.Soundgarden – Blood on the Valley Floor
4.Spotlights – Far From Falling
5.Rammstein – Tattoo
6.Rammstein – Halomann
7.Saint Vitus – A Prelude To…
8.Saint Vitus – Bloodshed
9.Saint Vitus – Hourglass
10.Alien Lizard – Lost in Translation
11.Alien Lizard – Honey
12.Alien Lizard – Dusk at Dawn
13.Idle Hands – Cosmic Overdrive
14.Idle Hands – Blade and the Will
15.Idle Hands – Mana
16.Big Brave – Holding Pattern
17.The Gathering – I Can See Four Miles
18.Cult of Luna – The Silent Man
19.Spotlights – The Beauty of Forgetting