1.Sigiriya – Whisky Song
2.Sigiriya – Robot Funeral
3.Sigiriya – Deathrip to Eryri
4.Nevermore – Ambivalent
5.Nevermore – Tomorrow Turned Into Yesterday
6.Nevermore – Seed Awakening
7.Nevermore – Dreaming Neon Black
8.Nevermore – All Play Dead
9.Katatonia – Funeral Wedding
10.Katatonia – Love of the Swan
11.Monster Magnet – Look to Your Orb for the Warning
12.Monster Magnet – I Control, I Fly
13.Monster Magnet – Hallucination Bomb
14.Monste Magnet – Ghost Story
15.Amenra – A Solitary Reign
16.Master's Hammer – Biologické Hodiny
17.Master's Hammer – Shy Gecko
18.Master's Hammer – Nordfrostkrampfland
19.Jess and the Ancient Ones – You and Eyes