1.Screaming Trees – Shadow of the Season
2.Screaming Trees – Uncle Anesthesia
3.Screaming Trees – Closer
4.Queens Of The Stone Age – No One Knows
5.Queens Of The Stone Age – The Sky Is Fallin'
6.Queens Of The Stone Age – Hangin' Tree
7.Probot – Red War (With Max Cavalera From Sepultura)
8.Probot – The Emerald Law (With Wino From Saint Vitus/The Obsessed)
9.Ulver – Machine Guns and Peacock Feathers
10.Ulver – Apocalypse 1993
11.Ulver – Little Boy
12.Gary Lee Conner – Don't You Look That Way
13.Gary Lee Conner – Who Knows the Rain?
14.Down – Lifer
15.Down – Eyes of the South
16.Dissection – Where Dead Angels Lie
17.Dissection – Thorns Of Crimson Death
18.Jonathan Hultén – A Dance in the Road
19.Jonathan Hultén – The Call to Adventure
20.Voivod – Cosmic Conspiracy