1.A Pale Horse Named Death – Shallow Grave
2.A Pale Horse Named Death – Killer by Night
3.A Pale Horse Named Death – Devil Came With a Smile
4.Dirge – Hosea 8:7
5.Ketha – No Body
6.Ketha – No Mind
7.Mentor – Mists of Doom
8.Mentor – The Wax Nightmare
9.Brant Bjork – Somebody
10.Brant Bjork – Mankind Woman
11.Brant Bjork – Nation of Indica
12.Belzebong – Doperganger
13.Therapy?  – Wreck It Like Beckett
14.Therapy? – Kakistocracy
15.Therapy? – Success? Success is Survival
16.Tim Hecker – In Mother Earth Phase
17.Paradise Lost – Forever Failure
18.Paradise Lost – Hallowed Land
19.Sumac – Arcing Silver