1.Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat – Harrow
2.Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat – Feathers Of The Wings Of The Angel Gabriel
3.Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat – All The Heroes Run In Armour
4.The Sword – The Black River (Live)
5.The Sword – Forever My Queen (Pentagram Cover)
6.The Sword – Daughter Of Dawn
7.Illusion – Nóz
8.Illusion – Śladem krwi
9.Illusion – Metamorfoza
10.Mountaineer – South to Infinity
11.Ringo DeathStarr – God Help The Ones You Love
12.Ringo DeathStarr – Cotton Candy Clouds
13.Lucifer's Children – Devil Worship
14.Lucifer's Children – Freezing Mist
15.Foot – Despair On Hope Street
16.Foot – Neighbours
17.Odraza – Młot na małe miasta
18.Odraza – W godzinie wilka
19.Belzebong – Roached Earth
20.Kyuss – Spaceship Landing