1.Mark Lanegan – Death Trip to Tulsa
2.Spiritual Front – A Bastard Angel
3.Spiritual Front – Children of the Black Light
4.Spiritual Front – Protect Me
5.Daughters – Satan in the Wait
6.Daughters – Less Sex
7.Mount Saturn – Salt
8.Nailed to Obscurity – The Aberrant Host
9.Neurosis – The Tide
10.Mirrors for Psychic Warfare – Tomb Puncher
11.Mirrors for Psychic Warfare – Flat Rats in the Alley
12.Scott Kelly and the Road Home – The Forgiven Ghost in Me
13.Mastodon – Crack the Skye
14.Neurosis – Through Silver in Blood
15.Weedpecker – Lazy Boy and the Temple of Wonders
16.Rosetta – East