1.Toundra – Tuareg
2.Dvne – Descent of the Asheran
3.MuN – Cease
4.Church of Misery – Lambs to Slaughter (Ian Brady/Myra Hindley)
5.Graveyard – Ain't Fit to Live Here
6.Graveyard – Don't Take Us for Fools
7.Mr. Bison – Earth Breath
8.Arcadian Child – Brothers
9.ARRM – White Water
10.Year of the Goat – Luxuria
11.Year of the Goat – Gula
12.Kayo Dot – Lost Souls on Lonesome's Way
13.Kayo Dot – Midnight Mysitc Rise nad Fall
14.Mgła – Age of Exscuse VI