1.Bloody Hammers – Now the Screaming Starts
2.Sabbath Assembly – Worthless
3.Sabbath Assembly – Hymn of the Pearl
4.Sabbath Assembly – A Welcome Below
5.Green Lung – Initiation
6.Green Lung – Woodland Rites
7.Green Lung – Templar Dawn
8.Cathedral – La noche del buque maltido (aka Ghost Ship of the Blind Dead) 
9.Cathedral – Night of the Seagulls
10.Gold – Servant
11.Gold – You Too Must Die
12.Gold – Mounting into Bitterness
13.Dead to a Dying World – The Seer's Embrace
14.Green Lung – May Queen
15.Green Lung – Into the Wild
16.Frayle – The White Witch
17.Frayle – Wandering Star (Portishead cover)
18.A Secret Revealed – Old Ghosts