1.Arcturus – Star-Crossed
2.Ulver – Lost in Moments
3.Ulver – Capitel I: I Troldskog Faren Vild
4.Head Control System – Seven
5.Ulver – A Memorable Fancy, Plates 12-13
6.Ulver – For the Love of God
7.The Gathering – A Life All Mine
8.Virus – Call Of The Tuskers
9.Arcturus – The Throne of Tragedy
10.Ulver – Let The Children Go
11.Ulver – Solitude
12.Ulver – Waltz Of King Karl
13.Æthenor – Anaïs
14.Ulver – So Falls the World
15.Ulver – Hymn IV: Wolf And Man
16.Borknagar – A Tale Of Pagan Tongue
17.Ihsahn – Homecoming
18.Ulver – The Future Sound of Music