1.Cult of Luna – Ghost Trail
2.Cult of Luna – Ugin
3.Cult of Luna – Following Betulas
4.Grave Pleasures – Be My Hiroshima
5.Grave Pleasures – Mind Intruder
6.Grave Pleasures – Falling For an Atom Bomb
7.Grave Pleasures – Atomic Christ
8.Electric Wizard – See You in Hell
9.In Twilight's Embrace – Flesh Falls, No Ghost Lifts
10.Anathema – Sweet Tears
11.Anathema – Kingdom
12.Anathema – Shroud of Frost
13.Anathema – …Alone
14.The Blood Divine – As Rapture Fades
15.Serotonal – Unseen
16.Anathema – A Dying Wish
17.Anathema – Memento Mori