1.Arcadian Child – Painting
2.Arcadian Child – She Flows
3.The Black Keys – Tell Me Lies
4.The Black Keys – Go
5.The Black Keys – Fire Walk With Me
6.Boogarins – Dislexia ou Transe
7.Boogarins – Te Quero Longe
8.Electric Wizard – Turn Off Your Mind
9.Electric Wizard – Wicked Caresses
10.Testament – Eyes of Wrath
11.Crowbar – Planets Collide
12.King Diamond – The Candle
13.King Diamond – Behind These Walls
14.King Diamond – Sleepless Nights
15.Bathory – Shores in Flames
16.Bathory – Father to Son
17.Bathory – Song to Hall Up High
18.Bathory – Home of Once Brave
19.Dozer – From Fire Fell
20.Dozer – Omega Glory