1.Celtic Frost – A Dying God Coming into Human Flesh
2.King Diamond – Out from the Asylum
3.King Diamond – Welcome Home
4.King Diamond – The 7th Day of July 1777
5.King Diamond – Abigail
6.Acid Witch – Intro
7.Acid Witch – Witchblood Cult
8.Acid Witch – Realm of the Wicked
9.Acid Witch – October 31st
10.Iced Earth – The Phantom Opera Ghost
11.Danny Elfman – Introduction
12.Danny Elfman – Main Titles
13.Danny Elfman – Into the Woods/The Witch
14.Ghost – Con Clavi Con Dio
15.Ghost – Satan Prayer
16.Ghost – Death Knell
17.Dopelord – Skulls and Candles
18.Dopelord – Dead Inside (I&II)
19.Blood Ceremony – The Great God Pan
20.The Great Old Ones – The Shadow over Innsmouth
21.Electric Wizard – Doom-Mantia