1.Jarboe – Overthrown (Feat. Philip H. Anselmo)
2.Down – On March The Saints
3.Down – Never Try
4.Ordinul Negru – Oculta Kormos
5.Ordinul Negru – Sol Omnia Regit
6.Moonspell – Love Crimes (live)
7.Moonspell – Mephisto (live)
8.Messa – Leah
9.Down – Mourn
10.Down – Nothing in Return (Walk Away)
11.Crowbar – And Suffer As One
12.Crowbar – Scattered Pieces Lay
13.Postcards From Arkham – Thoughts Like Silver Bullets
14.Postcards From Arkham – Valley Ov The Past Lives
15.ASG – The Heaven Moon
16.ASG – Lighting Song
17.Sinsaenum – My Swan Song
18.Messa – White Stains