1.Acid Bath – Paegan Love Song
2.Acid Bath – Diab Soule
3.Acid Bath – Venus Blue
4.Monster Magnet – Look To Your Orb For the Warning
5.Monster Magnet – Blow 'Em Off
6.Monster Magnet – Dead Chritmas
7.Candlemass – Witches
8.Witchcraft – Witchcraft
9.Witchcraft – The Snake
10.Year of the Cobra – Ash and Dust
11.Year of the Cobra – Dark Swan
12.Slim Cessna's Auto Club – Jesus Is In My Body – My Body Has Let Me Down
13.DBUK – Jim Nabors, from Bass to Mezzo-Soprano
14.KSAS – No Good
15.Coilguns – Manicheans
16.Coilguns – Prioress
17.High on Fire – Blessed Black Wings
18.AmenRa – Razoreater
19.Nile – The Imperishable Stars Are Sickened