1.Black Sabbath – Dear Father
2.Sunnata – Outlands
3.Netherlands – Casual Monsters
4.Netherlands – Morris
5.Netherlands – This Time My Broken Heart Stays Open
6.The Ocean – Jurassic | Cretaceous
7.Possessor – Afterburner
8.Possessor – Slaughter High
9.Jaye Jayle – The River Spree
10.Jaye Jayle – Guntime
11.Mark Lanegan – Skeleton Key
12.Mark Lanegan – Daylight In The Nocturnal House
13.Mark Lanegan – At Zero Below
14.Pale Horseman – Archangel
15.Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats – Do What Your Love Tells You
16.Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats – Vampire Circus
17.Iron Maiden – Hallowed Be Thy Name